Dispute Resolution Process of CDB MasterCard Credit Cards

Q: Any tips on Dispute Resolution?

A: Check your statement for irregular entries. Please ensure you check your credit card transactions in the statement or the CDB iControl App, and inform CDB of any unusual transactions within 14 days of receiving your statement.

Q: If there are irregular entries what should be done?

A: You can call us immediately on 011 7 121 121 (Platinum / World), 011 7 121 122 (Standard / Gold/ Titanium) or email us on cards.customercare@cdb.lk or you may write to us at Card Centre, No, 123 Orabiphasha Mawatha, Colombo 10 and inform us of the disputed transaction.

Q: Once the dispute is received from the customer, what would the CDB do?

A: Based on the nature of the dispute and MasterCard regulations, CDB would make every effort to resolve the dispute within the stipulated time limit.

Q: How long will CDB take to update me on the progress of the investigation and can I use my credit card during that period?

A: CDB will update the customer of the status of his/her dispute within 3 working days of receiving same. Any further updates would be made as and when appropriate. The customer will be able to use the credit card during the dispute resolution process unless otherwise specified by CDB. If the dispute is resolved in favor of the customer, CDB will refund the transaction amount and the interest component pertaining to this transaction.