CDBs HR Practices Go Green for a Better Future

Colombo, February 17, 2022–Citizens Development Business Finance PLC, recognized for embedding sustainability practices to its business strategy, has announced plans to align its human resourcepractices in line with the best practices for a Green Economy. Building on its promise of “Advancing the Green Economy”, CDB intends to createanenvironmentally friendly workforce that can understand and appreciate a green culture in the company.

CDB’s Green Human Resource Management (GHRM) strategy uses HRM policies to promote the sustainable use of resources within the organization and promotes environmental sustainability. GHRM is directly responsible for creating a green workforce at CDB that benefits the individuals, society, nature, environment, and the business in the long run. HR can play a significant role in the creation of a sustainable culture within an organization and can spearhead the employee engagement necessary to integrate green values within the teams.
“We are delighted to introduce the GHRM initiatives to CDB. We’ve been taking small steps to make big changes; CDB began the transition to 100 percent renewable energy by installing light switch sensors and installing solar powered lighting in branches where possible, promoting carpooling/sharing, and encouraging team members to use hybrid or electric vehicles as much as possible. We also provide virtual interviews and an e-learning platform to our employees”,saidRoshan Abeygoonewardena, Executive Director/Corporate Financeat CDB as he shared his thoughts on this novel initiative.
GHRM encompasses creating a Green mindset in recruited talent, Green performance management, learning and development, rewards and benefits and employee relations. The company has also formulated an action plan to achieve a complete paper-free organization within the next 3 years, reducing or eliminating the use of paper to directly conserve natural resources, prevent pollution, and reduce wastage of water and energy. Taking a massive step towards hi-tech efficiency, CDB has also introduced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the Operations Division.

“CDB has already prohibited the use of plastic water bottles at all meetings, training sessions, and other activities. We’ve also decided to limit, and eventually phase-out, the usage of single-use plastic within the organization and at workplace events. Internal event decorations will no longer be made of single-use materials, but will instead be made of eco-friendly, sustainable materials. We want to build a sustainable and ecologically friendly environment.”,Abeygoonewardenaadded.

CDB’s recently released product, “CDB Advance Roof Solar,” is yet another green initiative aimed at driving renewable energy for all workers and consumers as a long-term financing and investment option. With the product, CDB increases its efforts to motivate consumers to convert to a more sustainable approach with the objective of expanding the adoption of sustainable practices in everyday life.