CDB Sisudiri Season 12

Understanding the importance of providing children a robust education, Citizens Development Business Finance PLC (CDB) continues to empower the educational aspirations of children across the country through their ‘Sisudiri’ Scholarship Program, the event was held at the BMICH on the 04th of November 2019 for the 12th consecutive year.

Having considered the vast number of children who are unable to continue their educational dreams due to financial shortcomings, CDB has provided 100 students from families deserving financial assistance, who excelled at the Grade 5 Scholarship Examination and Grade 11 (O/L) examination in 2018, with scholarships for their higher education.

Since 2008, CDB Sisudiri has awarded a grand total of 609 scholarships to young, passionate children to fulfill their life’s educational aspirations through a massive total investment of Rs. 22.9 Mn.