CDB Corporate Finance

CDB Corporate Finance is specialised in offering a varied portfolio of financial products through capital structuring, debt financing, and corporate advisory services to our clients through a well-established resource network and customised services. Further, we are keen on identifying and partnering potential entrepreneurs and helping them to reach unimaginable heights beyond their expectations.

Debt financing

  • Project financing
    Debt finance to a particular project by identifying the viability of the project via conducting formal feasibility study and detailed client evaluation.
  • Bridging financing
    Interim financing solutions to the companies to solidify their short-term position until a long-term financing option can be arranged.
  • Debt syndication / Securitization
    Arranging syndicated loan facilities / securitization facilities based on the client requirement by engaging with a well-established investor network.
  • Debenture issue management
    Managing the overall process of debenture issues behalf of the client.

Capital structuring

  • Venture Capital/Start-up financing
    Capital as equity or debt as seed funding for early-stage of startup companies.
  • Employee share ownership plan (ESOP)
    Managing the entire process of share ownership plans by providing proper share valuation and deciding allotment basis and the entire work process of ESOP.
  • Private equity arrangements
    Managerial services to clients through arranging required equity capital by accessing the private equity investors (private placement).
  • Mergers & acquisitions
    Providing services to fulfill the clients’ requirements of merging/acquiring companies by advising on valuation, identifying synergy, and introducing potential buyers/sellers while undertaking the entire deal.

Corporate advisory services

  • Advising on company restructuring
    Providing advisory services to clients on stabilizing and revitalizing operations, creating long-term value by cost management, shedding non-essential operations, re-adjusting capital structures, and developing viable plans for working capital and long-term financing.
  • Valuation and independent opinions
    Valuation reports of transaction opinions for private equity groups as well as public and private companies to support a variety of purposes, including stock compensation plans, buy-sell agreements, mergers, and acquisitions.
  • Feasibility studies
    Feasibility studies on business plans which are prepared by the client or designing and building new business plans on clients’ requirements.

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