CDB Salary Plus
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Let your salary do so much more for you with CDB Salary Plus

We know how hard it is to manage your monthly expenses and your aspirations with just your monthly salary. That’s why we created CDB Salary Plus – so that you could do so much more above and beyond the limits of your monthly remuneration. Even if it is to further your lifestyle, CDB Salary Plus allows you the flexibility and the wherewithal to realize your dreams with ease.

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What are the benefits of CDB Salary plus savings Account?

  • A personal loan 15 times your salary
  • A high savings interest of 6.5 %
  • Pre-approved lease
  • Quick cash of up to 2 times your salary
  • Unlimited standing orders free of charge

Who is eligible to open this account?

Any salaried individual/ professional who is a resident of Sri Lanka, over the age of 18 years, is eligible to open a CDB Salary Plus Account.

How do I open an account?

Call now to open a Salary Plus account to 0117388388 or visit any of our branches located island wide.

How do I make withdrawals?

  • Use the CDB International Visa Debit Card to withdraw cash from any Commercial Bank ATM which has the largest ATM network in the island. Also, the CDB International Visa Debit Card allows you to purchase from millions of Visa merchants the world over.
  • You will need your passbook, National Identity Card, and duly completed withdrawal form when making over-the-counter withdrawals.

Terms & conditions apply

Product information and terms & conditions are subject to change from time to time.

Therefore, it is advisable to contact the branch nearest to you for the latest information and prevailing terms & conditions.