නවතම තොරතුරු

  • 23 මාර්2018
    Posted by CDB Finance PLC
    Joint Winner in the Finance & Insurance Sector at the ACCA Sustainability Reporting Awards Unique stakeholder engagement initiatives and expansive vision hailed by judging panel   With sustainability being the axis on which its business model is founded, Citizens Development තවත්...
  • 03 සැප්2018
    Posted by CDB Finance PLC
    Having nurtured a young team that has trailblazed unprecedented pathways in the NBFI sector collating multiple awards along that journey, Citizen’s Development Business Finance PLC (CDB) joins the popular EDEX Mid-Year Expo as “Official Financial Partner” to map pathways that තවත්...
  • 20 ජූලි2018
    Posted by CDB Finance PLC
    Wins at CMA Excellence in Integrated Reporting Awards Head of Sustainability CDB Aroshi Ranatunga holds the award presented to CDB on being adjudged among the Best Ten Integrated Reports at the CMA Excellence in Integrated Reporting Awards with Speaker Hon. තවත්...
  • 16 ජූලි2018
    Posted by CDB Finance PLC
    The always trailblazing Citizens Development Business Finance PLC (CDB) is introducing an unprecedented array of rewards throughout the year for CDB customers through its flagship loyalty programme CDB Sithumina Loyalty Rewards.  From experiencing the thrills of Disneyland and the Eiffel තවත්...
  • 21 ජූනි2018
    Posted by CDB Finance PLC
    Profit after tax up 39% at 1.4 Bn Total assets surpass Rs.75 Bn mark, up 40% Early Adoption of SLFRS 9 “Financial Instruments” The multi-award winning Citizens Development Business Finance PLC (CDB), which has continuously sustained impressive financial performance year-on-year, තවත්...
  • 01 ජූනි2018
    Posted by CDB Finance PLC
    An Autism Trust Fund, CDB and SLACD joint initiative CDB continues Autism Awareness efforts jointly with SLACD and Ampara District Hospital Autism Awareness Walk to commemorate Autism Awareness Month held in Ampara   With April marking Autism Awareness Month, the තවත්...
  • 08 මැයි2018
    Posted by CDB Finance PLC
    Photo caption:  Multiple medal winners at the 38th Masters Athletic Championship 2018 in Mangalore India, CDB’s Senior Executive -  Customer Relations Nadeeka Perera and Senior Executive– Credit Operations Dananja Krishantha Liyanage show off the gold, silver and bronze medals they තවත්...
  • 27 අප්‍රි2018
    Posted by CDB Finance PLC
    Uses social media platforms for fund transfers Yet another first in the financial services industry in Sri Lanka Optimising use of social media to maximise financial inclusiveness Trailblazing yet another revolutionary breakthrough in fund transfers in the country, Citizens Development තවත්...
  • 19 අප්‍රි2018
    Posted by CDB Finance PLC
    11th donation presented under the CDB Pariganaka Piyasa flagship CSR programme 420 students and entire Devipahala Kuruwita community to benefit A total of LKR 13.5 Mn investment since 2007 benefitting nearly 12,500 students Empowering Sri Lanka’s young people with the තවත්...
  • 17 අප්‍රි2018
    Posted by CDB Finance PLC
    CDB inked a groundbreaking MCA record when it donned the crown of Runner Up in the BMW-Hyundai Trophy – MCA ‘C’ Division 50 Over League Tournament 2018.  Sponsored by Prestige Automobile (Pvt) Limited for the seventh time, CDB etched its තවත්...

CDB Salary Plus
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Let your salary do so much more for you with CDB Salary Plus!

We know how hard it is to manage your monthly expenses and your aspirations with just your monthly salary. That’s why we created CDB Salary Plus – so that you could do so much more above and beyond the limits of your monthly remuneration. Even if it is to further your lifestyle, CDB Salary Plus allows you the flexibility and the wherewithal to realize your dreams with ease.

What are the benefits of CDB Salary Plus Savings account?

• A high savings interest of up to 6.5%
• Standing order facility
• CDB Visa International Debit Card
• Free access to online finance management platform (CDB iNet)
• Free SMS alerts on transactions
• Facility to remit your salary directly to your account
• Open a savings account for a minimum amount of Rs.500/-

Who is eligible to open this account?

• Any salaried individual/professional who is a resident of Sri Lanka, over the age of 18 years
• Minimum deposit: Rs. 500

How do I open an account?

• Visit any of our branches located island wide or call us on +94 117 388 388 (for door-step service).

How do I make withdrawals?

• Withdraw cash from any VISA ATM using your CDB Visa Debit Card
• Over-the-counter at any of our branches
(You will need your passbook, National Identity Card, and duly completed withdrawal form)

Locate your nearest branch

Download the application for a new account

Terms & conditions apply


CDB Salary Plus සමඟ ඔබේ වැටුපෙන් බොහෝ දේ කරන්න!

ඔබේ මාසික වියදම් කළමනාකරණය කරගැනීමට ඇති දුෂ්කරතාවයත් මාසික වැටුපෙන් ඔබට ඉටුකරගැනීමට ඇති දෑ ගැනත් අපි දනිමු. අප CDB Salary Plus නිර්මාණය කළේ ද මාසික වැටුපට සීමා නොවී ඔබට බොහෝ දෑ කිරීමට අවැසි අවකාශය සලසා දෙමිනි. ඔබේ ජීවන රටාව වැඩිදියුණු කරගැනීම සඳහා වුව ද CDB Salary Plus මගින් ඔබට වැඩි නම්‍යශීලීත්වයක් සහ ප්‍රතිපාදන ද ලබාදෙන්නේ ඔබේ සිහින ඉටුකරගැනීමට මඟ පාදමිනි.


CDB Salary Plus ඉතුරුම් ගිණුමේ ප්‍රතිලාභ මොනවාද?

  • 6.5%ක් දක්වා වූ ඉහළ ඉතුරුම් පොළියක්
  • ස්ථාවර නියෝග පහසුකම
  • CDB VISA ඩෙබිට් කාඩ්පතක්


මෙම ඉතුරුම් ගිණුම විවෘත කළ හැක්කේ කා හටද?

  • ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ වෙසෙන වයස අවුරුදු 18ට වැඩි වැටුප් හිමි ඕනෑම අයෙකු/ වෘත්තිකයෙකු
  • අවම තැන්පතුව: රු. 500


ගිණුමක් ආරම්භ කරන්නේ කෙසේද?

  • දිවයින පුරා ඇති අපගේ ඕනෑම ශාඛාවකට පිවිසීමෙන් හෝ +94 117 388 388 දුරකථන අංකය ඇමතීමෙන් (නිවසටම සේවාව ලබාගැනීම සඳහා).


මුදල් ආපසු ගන්නේ කෙසේද?

  • CDB VISA ඩෙබිට් කාඩ්පත භාවිත කරමින් ඕනෑම VISA ATM යන්ත්‍රයකින් මුදල් ලබාගත හැක.
  • ඕනෑම ශාඛාවක මුදල් කවුන්ටරයෙන් (මේ සඳහා පාස්පොත, ජාතික හැඳුනුම්පත සහ නිවැරදිව පුරවන ලද මුදල් ආපසු ගැනීමේ පෝරමය අවශ්‍ය වේ)

ඔ‍බ ආසන්නයේම පිහිටි ශාඛාව ගැන දැනගන්න.

නව ගිණුමක් සඳහා වූ අයදුම්පත්‍රය මෙතැනින් ලබාගන්න.


කොන්දේසි සහ නියමයන් අදාළ වේ.