Sustainability at CDB

Our sustainability strategies are committed towards social inclusivity, resource efficiency and zero carbon growth by creating values in three dimensions – PEOPLE, PROFIT and PLANET.

By embedding integrated thinking into our organisation culture, we remain deeply committed to creating sustained value for our stakeholders and strengthening the long-term sustainability of our organisation.

CDB is firmly committed towards being a socially and environmentally conscious, responsible, public deposit taking corporate citizen and sustainability is at the core of who we are and what we do and is one of our important corporate strategies. We are determined to make a positive difference, by pioneering new solutions whilst developing our business responsibly and achieving a sustainable profit growth. Whilst creating increased value for our stakeholders and for our Company, we strive to reduce our environmental footprint. High standards of governance are critical to deliver our strategy, create long-term value and maintain our social licence to operate. Additionally, we remain committed to responsible financing and promoting financial inclusion as part of our sustainability commitment.

We seek to create long-term value for our stakeholders in a sustainable manner via our sustainability triangle. We believe that generating profits responsibly creates a lasting social and environmental impact. Therefore, we have aligned our sustainability strategy with our corporate goals in order to fulfill our responsibility towards employees, customers, business partners, environment, the communities and the regulators.


Our initiatives focusing on environmental sustainability:

  • Mihikathata Adaren
  • Our policies and strategies toward environment protection and conservation via reducing emissions, conducting education and awareness programs, energy saving initiatives, waste management and saving trees.

Our initiatives focusing on social sustainability:

  • CDB Pariganaka Piyasa
  • With a total investment of Rs. 13.5 Mn since the inception of the programme, our goal is to deliver ICT education to young people in rural areas, by helping construct IT labs in underserved rural schools through which we expect broadening of global horizons and helping them compete with urban candidates for employment on a more even basis. In 2018, CDB presented a “smart classroom” as the 11th donation to Ra/Sri Saranajothi Tissa Vidyalaya located in Devipahala, Kuruwita in the Sabaragamuwa Province at an investment of Rs. 1.5 Mn.


  • CDB Sisudiri
  • Since the beginning of this project that has run over 10 years, 409 students have received scholarships worth 17.5Mn. We have rewarded high performers of the Grade Five Scholarship examination and the GCE Ordinary Level examination through the CDB Sisudiri Foundation. The scholarship recipients are children from low-income families, mainly of the three-wheeler owners. The recipients are selected through a transparent and unbiased selection process. An annual cash grant of Rs. 10,000 is awarded to high performers of the Grade 5 Scholarship examination until the completion of the Ordinary Level examination. High flyers of the Ordinary Level examination are awarded Rs. 15,000 per annum until the completion of the Advance Level examination. A total of 50 scholarships have been awarded totaling Rs. 3.1 Mn. during 2017/18.


  • Autism Awareness Programme
  • As creating awareness on autism will instigate timely interventions for early detection, prompting an improvement in the child’s functional outcome and also bring about a better understanding of the disorder, we have set up mobile clinics to disseminate information about autism by involving our customers and the general public. SLACD organised two outreach programs in Pimbura and Rathnapura which were funded through the Autism Trust Fund. Leading towards the World Autism Day, an awareness campaign was launched, culminating with an awareness walk in Ampara and establishment of a therapeutic outdoor playground for children with autism at Ampara General Hospital.


  • CDB SMB Friday
  • By creating awareness and giving a boost to various small and medium businesses (SMBs) through digital media, we expect to lend a hand to the community and its development. While these SMBs are receiving the publicity they otherwise would find difficult to achieve, other members of the community also come to know about these businesses and services that can add value to their lives.


  • CDB Hithawathkam
  • As a result of our sense of responsibility and an example of our employee volunteerism, individual initiatives were carried out by branches and head office, including spending time and involvement for renovations of children’s and elders homes in their locality, providing medicine to the cancer hospital, donations made to needy schools, activities around the religious festivals such as Vesak, Christmas, Ramadan etc.