CDB Points Way Forward In Youth Careers

Having nurtured a young team that has trailblazed unprecedented pathways in the NBFI sector collating multiple awards along that journey, Citizen’s Development Business Finance PLC (CDB) joins the popular EDEX Mid-Year Expo as “Official Financial Partner” to map pathways that will enable young school leavers to fit their dream careers into current employability trends. EDEX Mid-Year Expo to be held on the 08th and 09th of September at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre plays a crucial role in bringing together the demand and supply prevalent in the employment arena and also showcases global employment trends, adding professional counseling and resources into its offerings.

With CDB having repeatedly proven that apt training, development and motivation inspires ordinary young people to generate extraordinary results, its dynamic young team are benchmark setters in an intensely competitive financial services industry. While presenting the sponsorship agreement to Chairman-EDEX Mahinda Galagedera, DGM Marketing Darshana Jayasinghe of CDB said, “Our intensely strong belief in people has led us to achieve milestones unprecedented in this industry, from financial, social and environmental perspectives. We have created a culture that attracts young ambitious individuals to join our team, developing them internally in a professional environment, while identifying and enhancing their key skills to optimize those for each job role and succession planning.”

He added that with CDB having been recognized by various HR relevant organizations as an employer of choice and a responsible employer, it has been very successful in attracting amazing young people into its team. “Each of these young people have already made their mark within the company – individually, as team players and team leaders, making CDB a prominent employer brand preferred by young talent. By sponsoring EDEX Mid-Year Expo, we believe that we can harness driven young people who will add significant value to our end vision and to their career aspirations.”