Careers at CDB

We believe that CDB exists because of our 1,600+ team of employees who work every day to add value to our customers. Their work environment is outcome-oriented and merit-based while our people aspire to achieve success with a winning mind set.

Over the years we integrated our people initiatives gearing them to promote a culture of learning, collaboration, diversity, personal development, and transformation.


Working culture at CDB

Here at CDB, we encourage a dynamic working culture that encourages our staff to be bold and innovative in their work towards achieving our purpose “empowering aspirations”, while maintaining the four values of CDB: Perseverance, Empathy, Reliability, and Innovation


The passion and perseverance of our team has brought CDB to the forefront of the industry and continues to be our driving force.


We care for the well-being of our stakeholders while empowering their aspirations, with an aim of creating a more equitable society. We have never lost sight of our humble beginnings and continue to act with humility in everything we do.


While being a respected, responsible, socially and environmentally-conscious, public deposit-taking Corporate Citizen working in an open and transparent manner in all our dealings, we strive to be the most reliable partner for our stakeholders.


We are constantly innovating to stay relevant and valuable to our customers. We highly value and encourage thinking beyond traditional boundaries, embracing change, and exploring creative ways of empowering the aspirations of all our stakeholders.


Equality and diversity

We embrace equality and diversity in all aspects of our business. Our belief is that a diversified team is a factor that enables us to be the best we can be. Our anti-discrimination policy assures that our employees are treated equally with respect. Employees are given equal opportunities at vacancies, promotions and confirmations based solely on capabilities and achievements.


Why work at CDB?

Medical benefits

  • Medical scheme to reimburse hospitalization expenses for employees
  • Outpatient medical reimbursement
  • Group life insurance cover for all CDB staff

Financial assistance

  • Staff loan schemes such as housing, vehicle loans, personal loans with special concessionary interest rates
  • Fuel allowance, travelling and accommodation allowances
  • Productivity and profit related bonuses

Educational benefits

  • Professional membership and examination fee reimbursement
  • Honorarium for completion of professional exams or qualifications
  • Staff library facility at head office
  • E-learning platform with integrated set of online services for staff members


Life at CDB

We create an environment where our employees are willing to give their best and motivated to achieve organisational goals as a result of enhanced perception of their own wellness and satisfaction.

We consider employee engagement as a strategic priority and have created an open, stress-free environment that motivates our employees to come to work everyday.


Staff engagement events

Financial Year Kick-off
CDB Infinity Awards 2019
CDB Infinity Awards (annual awards)
Fantasy Fiesta - CDB Get Together 2018
Annual staff get-together
Wesak Bhakti Gee
Wesak Bakthi Gee
CDB Carols 2018
CDB Christmas Carols
CDB Sports Day


Clubs at CDB


  • Toastmasters Club
  • Debate Club
  • Green Ninja Club
  • Welfare Club


Sports at CDB

We encourage our sports men and women by providing special benefits such as flexible working hours, special allowances for food and lodging when attending practices and tournaments. Taking part in sporting events contributes to creating engaged employees and enriches our organisational culture.



CDB sports teams

  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Netball
  • Rugby
  • Table tennis
  • Volleyball



We focus on a holistic picture of employee wellness. With that in mind, we have made available a range of facilities to enhance physical and intellectual well-being of our employees.

  • CDB Gymnasium
  • Staff library
  • CDB e-learning platform


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