CDB Deeghayu Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit

The twilight years can be filled with uncertainty. But not if you’re with CDB! Absolute security after your retirement and sheer contentment due to the perfect solution that optimizes on your life’s savings, the Deeghayu Fixed Deposit adds superior benefits for the ultimate appreciation that must be given to senior citizens.    

Attractive Interest Rates

Period Monthly Interest Maturity Interest AER Monthly AER Maturity
1 Month 8.00% 8.30%
3 Months 8.00% 8.50% 8.30% 8.77%
6 Months 8.00% 8.75% 8.30% 8.94%
12 Months 8.50% 9.00% 8.84% 9.00%
18 Months 9.00% 9.50% 9.38% 9.29%
24 Months 9.00% 10.00% 9.38% 9.54%
36 Months 9.00% 10.50% 9.38% 9.56%
48 Months 9.00% 11.00% 9.38% 9.54%
60 Months 9.00% 11.00% 9.38% 9.16%

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What are the benefits senior citizen fixed deposit?

  • Attractive interest rates
  • Opportunity to earn a monthly income
  • Option to renew the FD at maturity by adding earned interest to the capital, or by renewing only the capital
  • Receive interest monthly, quarterly, biannually, annually, or at maturity
  • Cash-backed loans
  • Easy access to other financial services such as savings accounts, loan facilities, and leasing facilities
  • Access to door-step service
  • Access to CDB iNet online financial platform

Who is eligible?

  • Any individual who is a resident of Sri Lanka and is of or over the age of 60
  • Minimum deposit: Rs. 5,000

How do I open a senior citizen fixed deposit?

  • Visit any of our branches located island wide
  • Existing CDB customers can open fixed deposits using CDBiDeposit through CDB iNet

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