Open fixed deposits starting from Rs.5,000 up to any amount safely and comfortably from anywhere with CDBiDeposit. Through CDBiDeposit, you can open digital fixed deposits instantly using your smartphone or computer from the safety of your home through our revolutionary digital financial platform CDBiNet*.

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*A CDBiNet account is required for CDBiDeposit


Benefits of CDBiDeposit

Instant deposit placement

With CDBiDeposit, you can place fixed deposit at any time from anywhere from your smartphone.

Set your own deposit period

You can choose the deposit tenure as you like, starting from 1 month

Select when to receive your interest

Choose whether to receive your interest at maturity or monthly

Choose your deposit maturity term

You can choose the deposit to renew at the end of the term or withdraw at the maturity


How to place fixed deposit through CDBiDeposit

If you are a CDB customer*, all you have to do is log in to your CDBiNet account, tap “iDeposit” and follow instructions to instantly place fixed deposit.

1. Visit and log in to your account
2. Click or tap “Open iDeposit”
3. Select your preferred deposit type, maturity instructions, interest payment frequency, and account number
4. Enter deposit value (Rs.5,000 or above)
5. Select interest payment account
6. Tick “Yes I read the Terms & Conditions and I accept them”
7. Enter the one-time-password (OTP) you will receive via SMS and email and click “Submit”



Period Monthly Interest Maturity Interest
1 Month 5.01%
3 Months 5.14% 5.26%
6 Months 5.38% 5.51%
12 Months 6.79% 7.01%
18 Months 6.79% 7.01%
24 Months 7.50% 7.76%
36 Months 7.96% 8.26%
48 Months 7.96% 8.26%
60 Months 8.43% 8.76%


For senior citizens

Period Monthly Interest Maturity Interest
1 Month 5.01%
3 Months 5.14% 5.26%
6 Months 5.38% 5.51%
12 Months 7.26% 7.51%
18 Months 7.26% 7.51%
24 Months 7.96% 8.26%
36 Months 8.43% 8.76%
48 Months 8.43% 8.76%
60 Months 8.89% 9.26%


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