CDB Personal Loans

Whether you want to satisfy your wanderlust and see the world with your loved ones or create the perfect wedding you dreamed of, our personal loan solutions will help you fulfil all your dreams.

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  • Doctors
  • Professionals
  • Corporate Management and Above
  • Executives
  • Non-Executives
  • Nurses
  • Government Employees

What are the benefits?

  • Cash within two days
  • Personal loans up to Rs. 7 million and the ability to enhance the facility every six months
  • A repayment period of up to 84 months
  • Fixed interest rate for five years
  • Special interest rates for Professionals
  • Personalized service at your doorstep

Who is eligible?

  • Individuals aged between 23 and 55 years
  • Permanent and confirmed employees with minimum of one year service in current employment
  • Minimum basic salary should be Rs 200,000/-

What are the documents required?

  • A completed loan application form
  • Copy of National Identity Card (NIC) / Driving License / Passport
  • Certified salary slips for the last two months
  • Salary Confirmation Letter from the employer
  • Copy of utility bills (water/electricity/mobile phone, etc)
  • Copy of bank statements for the last three months

*Terms & conditions apply

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