Leasing and Auto Loan Facilities

Drive away with your dream vehicle today! We offer Leasing and Auto Loan facilities for Registered and Unregistered vehicles.

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What are the special benefits?

  • Flexible repayment plans to suit your income
  • A choice of facility period up to 7 years
  • Hassle-free and friendly service
  • Minimum documentation and convenient loan process with Robotic Process Automation(RPA)

Who is eligible?

  • Any individual with a justifiable 25,000/- or more income in line with the rental of the proposed facility
  • Aged between 20 and 55

What are the documents required?

  • NIC copy
  • Billing proofs for permanent residence
  • Current Account Statements of past six months (if applicable)
  • Savings Pass Book should be provided in the absence of a current account
  • Business Registration Certificate (if applicable)
  • Salary Particulars and a Letter from Employer (if applicable)
  • Supporting Documents of Tax Payments
  • Particulars of assets and other securities
  • Any other information or documents that will be supportive for the facility required

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