CDB Salary Plus
salary plus

Let your salary do so much more for you with CDB Salary Plus! We know how hard it is to manage your monthly expenses and your aspirations with just your monthly salary.

CDB Real Savings

CDB Real Savings offers you the highest interest rate for your savings account. Open a savings account at any of our branches located island wide and start multiplying your hard-earned money!

CDB Platinum Saver
CDB Platinum Saver

The account that pays interest daily… A good businessman is someone who can always maximize on profit. So, don’t let your earnings idle, deposit in a CDB Platinum Saver account and earn interest even for a short time.

CDB Deeghayu Savings
CDB Deeghayu Savings

A high interest rate for senior citizens from CDB Deegayu Savings Account.

CDB Rankati
CDB Children Savings

Secure a wealthy future for your child with the CDB Rankati Children's Savings Account. Rankati offers your child an amazing array of benefits through different savings plans to suit your needs.