CDB Visa Debit Card Terms & Conditions

    • Definitions. In these terms and conditions unless the context otherwise requires.
      1. 1. “Institution/company” shall mean Citizens Development Business Finance PLC also known by its trade name “CDB” having its registered office at No. 123, OrabipashaMawatha, Colombo – 10.’’.


      1. 2. “Account” means the CDB account or accounts held or to be held at CDB in the name of cardholder (whether solely or jointly with another person), with the number which is or shall be specified in the application for CDB Visa debit card and communicated to the cardholder as appropriate.


      1. 3. “ATM” shall mean all Automated Teller Machines that will accept the CDB Visa debit card worldwide.


      1. 4. “Cardholder” shall mean the person or persons having the authority to operate the account in accordance with CDB mandate thereof.


      1. 5. “Facility” Shall mean the ATM transactions, VISA transactions and all related matters.


      1. 6. “CDB Visa Debit Card” shall mean the VISA card issued by CDB to a cardholder to transact through the ATM and POS including any renewal or replacement card.


      1. 7. “PIN” shall mean the Personal Identification Number issued to a cardholder by CDB when issuing the CDB debit card.


      1. 8. “POS” shall mean the Point of Sale terminals available with merchants worldwide that will accept the CDB Visa debit card.


      1. 9. “Transaction/s” shall mean all transactions capable of being processed through the ATM and POS terminals.

In these terms and conditions reference to the singular shall include the plural and vice versa and words importing the masculine gender shall include the feminine gender.


    • The cardholder may use the CDB debit card to pay for goods or services by using a card operated machine at retailers and suppliers worldwide who accept the CDB debit card by signing a sale’s voucher, quoting the number printed on the CDB debit card, the institution will debit to the account the amount of any suchtransaction authorized in this way.


    • The cardholder may use the CDB debit card in conjunction with the PIN to withdraw money from CDB/Commercial Bank ATMs and any other ATM displaying the VISA brand mark. The amount of money so withdrawn by the cardholder shall be debited to the account.


    • At all times to regard the card as the property of CDB and CDB is entitled to recall / withdraw the CDB Visa debit card if the account is closed, account holder is deceased or whenever CDB requires the cardholder to return the CDB debit card.


    • At no time to use or attempt to use the card account when there is no sufficient funds to cover the withdrawal or transfer.


    • CDB reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions.


    • Subject to (6) above to accept CDB’s records of withdrawals and/or transfers as conclusive and binding for all purposes and to authorize CDB to debit cardholder’s account with all amounts withdrawn or transferred with or without cardholder’s knowledge or authority.


    • Not to hold CDB liable, responsible or accountable in any way whatsoever for any loss or damage howsoever arising caused by any malfunction or failure of the card or the ATM or the insufficiency of funds in the ATM.


    • Notwithstanding and without prejudice to the generality of the provisions of (10) abovethe use of the card shall be at cardholder’s sole risk and he/she will be bound by any and all risks incidental to or arising out of the use of the card.


    • At no time and under no circumstances to disclose to any person the personal identification number (PIN) allotted to cardholder to facilitate the use of the card in ATM. The cardholder should not maintain any written record of the PIN in any place or manner which may enable a third party to use the card.


    • To immediately notify CDB of the loss or theft of the card. Until such time as CDB confirms to the cardholder that notice of loss/theft or unauthorized use of PIN has been received, the cardholder shall accept full responsibility for transactions affected by the use of the CDB Visa debit card.


    • To accept full responsibility for all transactions processed from the use of the card except any transactions occurring after CDB shall have confirmed to cardholder that it has received notice of loss or theft of the card or of unauthorized acquisition of the personal identification number (PIN).


    • To restrict use of the card exclusively to the person whose name is indent printed as it is not transferable.


    • CDB will not be responsible for the card not being honored for any reason whatsoever by any merchant establishment.


    • To acknowledge that the amount stated on the ATM screen or a printed inquiry slip or receipt advise shall not for any purpose whatsoever be taken as conclusive of the state of cardholder’s account with CDB.


    • All card transactions effected in currencies other than Sri Lankan Rupees will be debited to the card account after conversion into Sri Lankan Rupees at an exchange rate adopted by VISA INTERNATIONAL on the date of conversion, plus an additional percentage levied by CDB and any transaction fee(s) chargedby VISA INTERNATIONAL to CDB if applicable, which fees may be shared with the company.


    • Cheques will be accepted for collection only and the proceeds will not be available for drawings until the cheques are cleared and realized.


    • Joint Account holders are jointly and separately bound by these terms and conditions and are liable for all transactions processed by the use of the card.


    • Cardholder undertakes not to use this card to make payment for purchases of real estate or financial assets overseas.


    • CDB reserves the right to levy a fee for card processing, balance inquiry / mini statement and legal or other statutory charges relating to transactions made locally or internationally through the network notwithstanding the approved limit.


    • The cardholder shall give CDB not less than 7 days prior notice in writing and forthwith return the CDB debit card to the CDB branch and obtain a valid receipt thereof, to rescind his/her facility at his/her discretion.


    • Not to use or attempt to use the card after any notification of its cancellation or withdrawal has been given to cardholder by CDB or any person acting on behalf of CDB.


  • agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Sri Lanka.