CDB Supports Agricultural Sector from the Frontline

Citizens Development Business Finance PLC (CDB), lauded as one of the Top Ten Corporate Citizens for Sustainability in Sri Lanka, has come forward to support and enhance the agriculture sector in Sri Lanka. CDB will be at the forefront in supporting the government policies to enhance the sector with tailor-made finance facilities for the growth and sustenance of agriculture.
With a triple bottom line approach integrated to its business strategy, CDB is aware of its social responsibility as a leading corporate towards the wellbeing of the nation. CDB’s main focus will be empowering the farmers and their aspirations mainly through facilitating the agri-equipments to enhance their efficiency in daily activities.

Commenting on the initiative, Director Sales and Development, CDB, Sasindra Munasinghe said: “Rice production is one of the main resources of our country. Therefore, providing a secure environment to continue production and taking care of our farmers is our foremost responsibility. Therefore, CDB initiated these facilities which empower all farmers’ aspirations and create a better livelihood for them”.

CDB has special payment plans for those in the agricultural sector, where seasonal payment methods are tailor-made as per the different harvesting periods and yields in the area. It is provided with low interest rates for farmers coupled with a flexible payback period. These facilities will be processed at their convenience, with minimum documentation and doorstep services.

“It is a great pleasure to offer our exclusive facilities to Sri Lankan farmers. Farmers play a vital role in development within the country and their work is rarely felicitated.The current contribution of the agricultural sector for the GDP is around 7.4% which emphasizes on the space for further expansion by focusing on new technology. Uplifting this particular sector will help the country maintain a sustainable economy and CDB will always be in support of providing assurance to the finest assets of the country.” added Director Business Operations, CDB, Dave De Silva.

Citizens Development Business Finance PLC (CDB) is a publicly quoted corporate leader positioned among the Top Five Largest Non-Banking Financial Institutions in Sri Lanka with an island wide presence, driven by a state-of-the-art technological platform that has revolutionized the way financial services are performed in Sri Lanka.