Our Social Capital

As a responsible corporate citizen, we contribute towards a sustainable society by promoting ethical business practices in our supplier chain, uplifting the communities and embarking on environmentally friendly initiatives. We strive to achieve this by embedding sustainable business practices into our operations.

Adding value to the society

Autism Awareness Programme

CDB and Sri Lanka Association for Child Development (SLACD) initiated an Autism Trust Fund to strengthen the Autism awareness in Sri Lanka. CDB is contributing Rs. 100 from every one million business secured. This island wide awareness campaign aims to ensure that every child with autism receives early detection and attention which helps to reduce the negative impact that Autism has on their lives. We have partnered this project due to the increased prevalence of Autism in Sri Lanka. Autism can be easily managed through early detection by creating more awareness among the public. Creating awareness will instigate timely interventions for early detection prompting an improvement in the child’s functional outcome and also bring about a better understanding of the disorder.


As a second phase of the project, we set up mobile clinics to disseminate information about autism by involving our customers and the general public. SLACD organised two outreach programs in Pimbura and Rathnapura which were funded through the Autism Trust Fund. In collaboration with the SLACD, a poster campaign was also launched whilst Ampara General Hospital was given a Development Sensory Unit through our collaborative efforts through the Autism Trust Fund.


CDB Sisudiri Scholarship Programme

For the 11th consecutive year, we rewarded high performers of the Grade Five Scholarship examination and the GCE Ordinary Level examination through the CDB Sisudiri Foundation. The scholarship recipients are children from low-income families, mainly of the three-wheeler owners. The recipients are selected through a transparent and unbiased selection process. An annual cash grant of Rs. 10,000 is awarded to high performers of the Grade 5 Scholarship examination until the completion of the Ordinary Level examination. High flyers of the Ordinary Level examination are awarded Rs. 15,000 per annum until the completion of the Advance Level examination.

CDB Sisudiri Scholarship Programme

CDB Pariganaka Piyasa

CDB presented a “smart classroom” as the 11th donation to Ra/Sri Saranajothi Tissa Vidyalaya located in the little town of Devipahala, Kuruvita in the Sabaragamuwa Province at an investment of Rs. 1.5 Mn. in 2017/18 financial year. In our efforts to improve Information and Communication Technology (ICT) literacy among rural youth, to empower and enable them to adapt well into a future shaped by technology, we have donated a total of ten IT Laboratories to ten underprivileged schools across Sri Lanka over the past ten years. We work in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Zonal Education officials to shortlist prospective schools. We then conduct an impartial evaluation through a site visit.

CDB Pariganaka Piyasa

The selected school is given a brand new, fully equipped IT laboratory with brand new computers with licensed software, computer tables, chairs, scanners, printers and multimedia facilities.

CDB Hithawathkam

We strive to build and maintain the trust of the communities we empower and operate in. Therefore, we continually contribute towards their development, by building healthy, resilient and sustainable communities.

During the year under review, our employees volunteered their efforts to actively participate in numerous CSR activities. By deploying sustainability representatives in every major geographical area we operate, we drive our sustainability initiatives, aligned to the core values of our Company.

CDB SMB Friday

This was launched to provide visibility to our small and medium enterprise customers. We have provided a platform to create awareness about this important customer segment on social media through our corporate website. This has facilitated to create connections, promote their businesses and also nominate others to join the site.

CDB SMB Friday

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