Sustainability at CDB

Sustainable work practice is a cornerstone of CDB’s business strategy. As a leading financial institution in Sri Lanka, with clients spanning a broad spectrum of society, we essentially focus on the three areas of uplifting the economic status of our stakeholders, preserving the environment and uplifting the community in our sustainability agenda.

Sustainability tripod at CDB focuses on simultaneous commitment towards social inclusivity, resource efficiency and low carbon growth by creating value along three dimensions of People, Profit and Planet.

Our sustainability philosophy is elevated by the sustainability strategies and priorities to greatness by embracing social, environmental and economic health in every part of our organization and in all our work practices. We strive to be a model for community-led sustainability by inspiring their quality of life, sharing knowledge and enabling growth opportunities to act as leaders. Given the varied nature of our clientele, our business model combines “Urban Funding and Rural Lending”. We aspire to fuse this model with sustainable practices to enrich people’s lives and position ourselves as a conscientious and formidable leader in the financial services industry by becoming a Net Lender to the Rural Economy touching upon the base of the pyramid markets. We ensure a balanced business model supporting a strong financial standing adding economic value. By supporting our people inside and out, creating capacity for action and inspiring possibility, we hope to not only help create healthier communities but also to foster personal growth, connection and innovation.


Sustainability Focus

Simultaneous commitment towards Social inclusivity, Resource efficiency, and Zero carbon growth by creating value along three dimensions of People, Profit and Planet.

Sustainability Strategy

Whilst creating increased value for our stakeholders, sustainability strategy at CDB look at in reducing our environmental footprint, maintain set high standards of governance, and to create long-term value and maintain our social licence to operate.

Sustainability steering committee

The committee oversees our Company’s sustainability agenda and support the governance and monitoring aspects as well. We also conduct our business in a fair and responsible manner and implement appropriate measures to protect customers’ information. We have zero tolerance for financial crime, including bribery and corruption. Additionally, we remain committed to responsible financing and promoting financial inclusion as part of our sustainability commitment.

Social Sustainability

Our social value creation which is the springboard to take our next steps in sustainable development best practices, ensuring that we create an empowering environment for our people and customers. Partnering our valued business partners to ensure that while we grow our business, they too will see growth in theirs as a result of our association and in being a corporate steward to the community, being responsive to their needs and imbuing development into communities.

  • Child health & well-being – Act Early for Autism
  • Child education and literacy – CDB Pariganaka Piyasa, CDB Sisudiri Scholarship programme
  • Digitally-supported entrepreneurial aid – CDBsmbFriday
  • Employee volunteering–CDB Hithawathkam

Environmental Sustainability

“Mihikathata Adaren” is our flagship environmental sustainability project which instils in our people a sense of responsibility and affinity towards the environment. It empowers us to be a team of “doers” taking affirmative action to conserve our natural world for future generations – and as a company, to champion the future health and well-being of the planet through green business operations.

  • Energy and Carbon
  • Biodiversity
  • Waste management
  • Employee engagement