Sustainability at CDB

Sustainable work practice is a cornerstone of CDB’s business strategy. As a leading financial institution in Sri Lanka, with clients spanning a broad spectrum of society, we essentially focus on the three areas of uplifting the economic status of our stakeholders, preserving the environment and uplifting the community in our sustainability agenda.

Sustainability tripod at CDB focuses on Simultaneous commitment towards social inclusivity, resource efficiency and low carbon growth by creating value along three dimensions of People, Profit and Planet.

Our sustainability philosophy is elevated by the sustainability strategies and priorities to greatness by embracing social, environmental and economic health in every part of our organization and in all our work practices. We strive to be a model for community-led sustainability by inspiring their quality of life, sharing knowledge and enabling growth opportunities to act as leaders. Given the varied nature of our clientele, our business model combines “Urban Funding and Rural Lending”. We aspire to fuse this model with sustainable practices to enrich people’s lives and position ourselves as a conscientious and formidable leader in the financial services industry by becoming a Net Lender to the Rural Economy touching upon the base of the pyramid markets. We ensure a balanced business model supporting a strong financial standing adding economic value. By supporting our people inside and out, creating capacity for action and inspiring possibility, we hope to not only help create healthier communities but also to foster personal growth, connection and innovation.


Our social capital

As a responsible corporate citizen, we contribute towards a sustainable society by promoting ethical business practices in our supplier chain, uplifting the communities and embarking on environmentally friendly initiatives. We strive to achieve this by embedding sustainable business practices into our operations. Learn more…


Our environmental capital

We consider ourselves responsible stewards of our collective future. Knowing well the consequences of depleting finite natural resources we make every effort to minimise our impact on the environment.

At CDB, we seek ways to reduce or minimise the environmental impact of our operations because we understand sustainability is vital for business success and responsible growth. Our commitment towards environmental protection is affirmed through the eco-friendly business practices adopted across our organisation. Therefore, in a bid to conserve energy, we have established policies and procedures that enable sustainable and efficient business operations, whilst creating awareness among our team members and our valued business partners. Through our flagship environmental sustainability project “Mihikathata Adaren”, we inculcate a sense of responsibility and affinity towards the environment. Learn more…