MasterCard LoungeKey Programme – Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is LoungeKey?

A: LoungeKey is an Airport Lounge program that allows entry simply by Cardholders providing their eligible MasterCard World & Platinum Credit card at entry. There is no need to carry an additional piece of plastic in their wallet.

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Q: How does LoungeKey differ from Priority Pass?

A: LoungeKey is a network of worldwide lounges that allows entry by presenting an eligible MasterCard payment card. No membership card is required. Priority Pass is a network of worldwide lounges that allows members entry by presenting their valid Priority Pass membership card to gain entry to a lounge.

Q: Are the lounges run by LoungeKey?

A: No. LoungeKey does not directly run the lounges. These are run by the airport authorities, ground handling agents and the airlines themselves.

Q: Do LoungeKey and Priority Pass share the same lounge network?

A: Due to proprietary relationships with airlines, as well as the technical requirements, LoungeKey will not be able to offer the full complement of Priority Pass lounges. LoungeKey will have access to over 90% of the Priority Pass lounges.

Q: Where are the LoungeKey lounges located and what are the differences compared with the Priority Pass network?

A: There are over 800 lounges in the LoungeKey network. The lounges that will not be part of this program include small lounges with minimal visits, lounges that cannot handle the technical requirements of LoungeKey, and lounges that have contractual agreements which prevent entry with a payment card.

Q: Can a Priority Pass card be used to enter a LoungeKey lounge?

A: Priority Pass and LoungeKey are two distinct lounge programs, and they are not interchangeable. However, many LoungeKey lounges are also Priority Pass lounges.

Q: How can Cardholders obtain LoungeKey lounge information?

A: Cardholders may check nearest lounge location, download lounge information (facility, images), and check lounge coverage at their travel destination using the following channels:

    • MasterCard LoungeKey Smartphone app (iOS and Android)
    • MasterCard LoungeKey website

Q: What is the Customer journey when Cardholders access the lounges?

A: When Cardholders enter a LoungeKey lounge, they must present their eligible, valid MasterCard and say “LoungeKey” at the reception. They must also inform the lounge attendant of the number of accompanying guests if any.

The lounge attendant swipes the MasterCard on the LoungeKey card reader device to verify that the Cardholder is eligible for entry. Alternately, their payment card number may be entered via a keyboard into a secure web portal.

They will be asked to sign the card reader to verify the lounge visit and the number of guests. If requested, a receipt will be provided. The Cardholder then proceeds into the lounge.
It is imperative that you communicate these practices to your Cardholders in order to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Q: Does the Cardholder need to key in their PIN if their card requires a PIN for a transaction?

A: The Cardholder will not need to enter any PIN.

Q: What will be displayed on the screen for the Cardholder to sign?

A: The Cardholder will sign the card reader directly, showing the date, location, and number of visitors.

Q: What is the policy for taking guests into a lounge?

A: Friends and guests can be invited to join Cardholders in a lounge. Typically there is no limit on the number of guests; however each lounge has the right to limit guests based on occupancy and their own policy. Cardholders can find the guest policy for participating lounges on the Lounge Finder on the website and Smartphone app. As with cardholder visits, these guest visits will be billed directly to the cardholder.

Q: Is there a call center service provided by LoungeKey?

A: Cardholders have access to customer support 24/7, delivered via LoungeKey’s service centers. Information can be found on the Mastercard LoungeKey website as well as the Smartphone app.

Q: What services are provided in the call center?

A: The service center can verify eligibility of the Cardholder, and can provide lounge locations and amenities.

Q: What is the lounge visit charge for LoungeKey?

A: All lounge visits (including guest visits) will be directly billed to the Cardholder at US$32 per visit per person.

Q: How are Cardholder and Guest visits charged?

A: LoungeKey will charge Cardholders directly for any lounge visits made by them and their accompanying guests (if any).

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